Made to order

You deserve something truly unique, luxury that is made just for you. That's why I set some gorgeous stones aside, so I can set them in a ring that is your size, so you can pick a gem you like and have it fit!

These rings are made to order, specially to your specifications. This means we do not accept returns on those items.

How does it work? It's simple: you pick the gemstone, place your order including your ring size in the comment, I set the stone within 14 days and ship it to you.

It rarely happens that the stone will crack during the setting process (especially tanzanites, tourmalines and emeralds are prone to cracking and require a delicate touch). If that should happen, I will contact you and we will find a solution (money back, a different gem, a different piece of jewelry..)

If you're looking for a special stone, let me know at and maybe we'll find something just for you!


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