About me

It all started with love for textures and colors. For beautiful imperfections. I've always been drawn to things unusual and magical, qualities I find in unique one of a kind gemstones. I set them in gold, because they deserve the best setting.

I strive to create amazing things that will help highlight the amazing characters of the women wearing them. We deserve something that will bring a little magic to our day.

I'm a jewelry designer and a trained bench jeweler, but before I ever came across the art of goldsmithing, I lived a couple different lives..

Long long time ago, I studied fine arts with major in oil painting, but I let go of that career path to move to the other side of the world and become a dive instructor in Palau - a tiny Pacific nation. Scuba diving became my biggest passion and took me around the world: to the Bahamas, Africa, all of the Americas, Asia.. for almost ten years I worked as a dive instructor and an award winning underwater photographer.

A couple years ago I ended up back home, in Poland. Here, while looking for something to do with my life, I stumbled upon goldsmithing, which combines my artsy mind with my engineering passion. After learning from some of Poland's top designers and internship with another I started my own company, where I found true beauty in natural gemstones. Each one is unique and one of a kind, perfect with its imperfections, and with their colors and structure remind me of coral reefs I miss dearly. They send me to my dreamworld, which I hope to share with your through my jewelry. 

The pieces you see here are hand crafted from scratch with precious metals and natural untreated gemstones. Each piece is unique, just like its future owner. I hope you will find the piece that is waiting specially for you..


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